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    Smoke & CO2 Detectors

    Spokane’s Trusted Electrical Installation Professionals

    Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are essential components to the safety of your home and family. Modern detectors are more technologically advanced, less likely to sound a false alarm and available in a range of aesthetically pleasing designs. Many are available with voice alarms, battery backups and combination smoke and CO2 sensors, allowing homeowners a variety of options. It is imperative that all detectors are tested every few months to ensure they are in proper working order. This includes battery operated, wired and wireless hardwired detectors. Current Electrical understands the importance of these safety tools and takes the placement and installation of them very seriously.

    Detector Installation

    Proper placement of your detectors is key in ensuring the safety of your home and household. Smoke detectors should be placed:

    • On every floor
    • Outside every bedroom
    • Inside every bedroom
    • Basement

    Carbon Monoxide is a lethal gas that is odorless, so early detection is important. CO2 detectors should be placed:

    • Inside every bedroom
    • On every floor

    When you need professional placement and installation of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your Spokane residence, contact Current Electric. Our master electricians will assess your home and help you locate the ideal locations and designs for maximum coverage and impact.