Professional Ceiling Fan Repair and Installation in Spokane Valley

Are you thinking about installing a ceiling fan in your home? There are several benefits to adding these classic devices to your home interior, including lower utility bills. Once considered outdated, especially after central heat and air became an essential component in most U.S. homes, they have recently made a comeback. Now appreciated for both practical and aesthetic purposes, ceiling fans are smart additions to living rooms, bedrooms, and even outdoor patios. Current Electric can help you with all of your repair, replacement, and installation needs.

Complete Ceiling Fan Services

Whether you need a ceiling fan repaired, installed, adjusted, or replaced, our master electricians have the tools and the experience to complete the job. We specialize in installation and can assist if you need ideas on placement or ceiling fan design. You can maximize the heating or cooling of your central air with ceiling fan installed in the right room. If your fan has stopped working or is making strange sounds, we can help you with repairs on most modern designs. We’ve been helping our Spokane neighbors with indoor and outdoor ceiling fans for over a decade!

Ceiling Fan Benefits

  • Energy-Savings – Ceiling fans don’t raise or lower the temperature in a home. But they are able to cool people using the wind chill principal: moving air helps to evaporate perspiration, which causes a person to feel cooler than the surrounding air. Ceiling fans also work with your central air conditioning, maximizing the cool air coming from your air ducts. You can set your thermostat several degrees higher and still feel comfortable by using a ceiling fan. Just turning up the thermostat a couple of degrees higher can substantially reduce your monthly utility bill.
  • Healthier IAQ – A ceiling fan can help your home’s IAQ (indoor air quality), especially if you live in an older home or apartment without a modern central air system. A ceiling fan can help circulate stale air and keep the air moving, which is important in sustaining a healthy air space. Musty rooms with stale odors can greatly benefit from ceiling fans and open windows.
  • Lighting – Many modern ceiling fan designs include a lighting element. Depending on how much lightroom warrants, a ceiling fan can also act as the main lighting source (with a center domed globe) or offer accent lighting (with branched lamps). There are many different configurations of light elements available. Designs with lights also allow you to use the fan and light element independently; allowing for maximum control and comfort.
  • Heating – Most ceiling fan designs are available with a “reverse” component that allows the blades to move in the opposite direction. When you reverse the rotation of the fan blades (sending them clockwise), the warm air that moves upward is redistributed throughout the room. A fan in reverse mode doesn’t blow air directly downward, so you don’t feel a breeze – just the warm air that would otherwise collect at the ceiling. This allows a homeowner to get more from their heating system (similar to how the fan works with the A/C).
  • Patio Comfort – Ceiling fans help create cool outdoor spaces during the summer and promote outdoor socializing during the uncomfortable Spokane heat. They deter flies, mosquitoes, and other insects, making them ideal for patio dining. Make sure that when shopping for an outdoor ceiling fan that it is UL-rated for wet or humid conditions to ensure they remain operational throughout the year.


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