Electrical Generators Services in Spokane Valley, WA

Let Current Electric Install a Backup Generator and Never Be Without Power Again!

Power is essential no matter where you are, but losing power at home ranges from annoying to dangerous.  Let the experts at Current Electrical help protect you and your family from emergency blackouts by installing a standby home generator. While we service many makes and models, we’re an authorized Generac “Elite” service dealer.  Our Technicians are fully trained and ready to work on both air and liquid-cooled systems.

Home Standby Generators

Why do you need a standby generator for your home?  A power outage, especially an unexpected weather-related outage can grow to be far more than just a minor annoyance.  Electric heating won’t work on a cold night, food must be prepared without power, food will spoil in a hot refrigerator, hot water tanks stop heating, and any emergency home medical equipment will cease to function.

Adding a standby generator to home keeps your family safe in the case of an emergency outage and comfortable in the event of a minor outage.  As generators become ever more affordable, there’s even less reason to not have one installed in your home.

Typical options range between automatic generators which will start immediately in the event of a grid outage, leaving you with only a moment of power-loss while everyone else must wait for line technicians to repair the outage.  Manual standby generators, on the other hand, will require manual activation, making them suitable for standard homes but unsuitable for situations where always-on power is necessary (homes with medical equipment, for instance).

Emergency Insurance for Your Business

What would happen if your business lost electricity for an extended period of time? Your entire workflow would be compromised. The computer system, essential electronics, lighting, central air and general security would be eliminated. A loss of hours could be extremely detrimental to your productivity; a loss of days could affect the bottom line. Don’t let a blackout hurt your business. Installing a backup generator will help ensure your office remains productive and competitive throughout an extended power outage. Current Electrical can assist with the installation, repair and service of a commercial backup generator.

A commercial backup generator offers insurance in the case of a blackout. It can provide power for several days, allowing a business to continue to be productive and profitable. In areas where severe electrical storms and burnouts happen on a regular basis, it makes sense to look into a backup generator. A backup (or standby) generator restores power to your building automatically – whether or not you’re present. There’s no switch, ensuring an uninterrupted continuation of power at the proper voltage. Current Electrical can help you choose the ideal generator for your business or building needs. We’ve been keeping our Spokane neighbors connected and productive for over a decade!

A commercial backup generator is a smart way to prevent extended power outages from affecting your bottom line. The benefits of a whole house backup system include:

  • Quick, efficient and automatic distribution of power.
  • Peace of mind that essential information will not be lost.
  • Uninterrupted use of electronics and heating and cooling systems.
  • Maintaining office productivity and safety during blackouts.
  • Protecting the electrical system from hazardous voltage fluctuations and surges when the power returns

When the next power outage hits your area, you’ll be glad you made the investment! Protect your business with a commercial backup generator from Current Electrical. Call us today at 509-928-2522 and we’ll set up an appointment.