Experienced Electrical Repair and Installation in Spokane Valley

Electrical switches, outlets, and dimmers give us more flexibility over the electrical components in our homes. Our day-to-day lives are made easier with these fixtures that harness the power and control over our technology. Central air, lighting, entertainment, and security are all available at the touch of a hand. Light can now be adjusted to the ideal level. Smart gadgets can be charged and used anywhere. The technology we depend on in our everyday lives is easily accessed with electrical fixtures. Though their ubiquity makes them easy to take for granted, it would be difficult to function without them. Current Electrical knows how important these tools are and can help with the repair or installation of any fixture in your home.

Fixture Installation

Whether it’s a dimmer for your dining room light or multiple new outlets for a remodel, Current Electrical can assist with any installation project. Our master electricians know the best course of action for adding or replacing switches, outlets, and dimmers. Are you remodeling your home? Maybe renovating a room into an office? Our experts can evaluate the space and help determine the electrical requirements in both safety and functionality. For instance, extra floor outlets might benefit a new entertainment room or office space, ensuring the electrical cords of the electronics or floor lamps are kept away from the path of traffic. Also, adding additional outlets to a kitchen, living room or garage is a good way to maximize space and keep circuits from overloading.

Fixture Repair

Be aware of the warning signs that an outlet or switch is in need of repair. Below is a list of the most common that we encounter at Current Electrical.

  • A dead switch
  • A burning smell or plate/fixture that appears burned
  • A fixture or plate that is warm to the touch
  • A flickering light
  • A slight shock or visible spark when used
  • A loose outlet socket
  • Recurring tripped fuses during use
  • A cracking or sizzling noise when used

If you are experiencing any of these problems, it could indicate a potential fire hazard. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our master electricians.

NEC Requirements

The National Electric Code (NEC) is the regionally adoptable standard for the safe installation of electrical wiring and equipment in the U.S. Also referred to as the NFPA 70, it was established to protect residential and commercial property from potential electrical hazards. Current Electrical will strictly adhere to the regional regulations for safe electrical design, repair, and installation. We pledge that every fixture we repair or install will meet the standards of the NEC to ensure optimum safety and convenience for the homeowner.

When you need professional repair or installation of a fixture, call Current Electrical at 509-928-2522 for superior service.