Trusted Electrical Wiring and Rewiring Services in Spokane Valley

Whether you are working on an ambitious renovation, adding a new room, or just need help with a frayed wire, Current Electrical can help with any project. Our master electricians have over a decade of professional wiring experience and can complete any service both safely and efficiently. We can also help replace hazardous knob and tube wiring with a completely updated system. Home-based electrical systems cause nearly 55,000 fires a year resulting in more than 500 deaths and 1,400 injuries.* Don’t let a faulty wiring system harm your home or household. Let our experts find the ideal solution for your wiring needs.

Common Residential Wiring Problems

There are many reasons why a homeowner may need their wiring repaired or replaced. Through the years, Current Electrical has seen it all from faulty switches to antiquated systems (including unsafe aluminum and knob and tube wiring). Regardless of the reason, always make sure that you use a licensed professional when you are dealing with an electrical issue. A seasoned electrician can ensure that the project is completed successfully and is code-compliant. We’ve put together a checklist of the most common residential wiring problems we face every day. If any of these issues sound familiar, give us a call today!

Lights and Light Fixtures

  • Light Bulbs Burn Out at Excessive Rate
  • Flickering Light
  • Bulbs Burning Extra Bright While Some Are Dim
  • Recessed Light Works Sporadically


  • Dead Outlet or Switch
  • Outlets/Switches Warm to the Touch
  • Outlets/Switches Burned or Discolored
  • Burning Odor
  • Cracking or Hissing Noises

Electrical Panels

  • Recurring Tripped Circuit Breakers/Blown Fuses
  • Tripped Breaker Won’t Reset

Professional Rewiring

Current Electrical has been helping our Spokane neighbors with their rewiring projects for over a decade. If your current electrical system is outdated or you are planning a room or home renovation, we can help. Our master electricians will thoroughly assess your wiring and collaborate with you on a plan that will ensure the system is operating safely, efficiently and up to code. You can be sure that our licensed, bonded and insured electricians will deliver prompt, quality service.

We can help with a variety of rewiring projects including:

  • Knob and Tube Wiring Replacement – If your home is over 40 years old (built in the 1900’s to the early 50’s) the wiring might be violation of current legal codes. Knob and tube wiring systems were considered “state-of-the-art” back then, but are now dangerous fire hazards.
  • Aluminum Wiring Replacement – If your home was built between 1969 and 1973, it may have been fitted with aluminum wiring during a period when copper prices were abnormally high. Aluminum wiring is a fire hazard and should be replaced with code-compliant copper wiring.
  • Room Addition – If you are planning on adding a room to your home, Current Electrical can work with your contractor on a complete wiring plan.
  • Home Renovation – Are you renovating a room or planning a larger renovation project? We can help plan your new electrical system, ensuring the configuration meets the needs of your household.

Whether you need electrical wire repair or a complete rewiring system overhaul, Current Electrical can help! Call us today at 509-928-2522 for the most trusted electrical contracting in Spokane.

* Electrical Safety Foundation International